Albumen photographs of the 19th Century.
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British India, Early Photographs
Photographers: Samuel Bourne, Charles Shepherd and others
British India British India

Vietnam, Early Photographs Vietnam
Views of French Indochina, Saigon, Annamite Scenes; Photographers: Some by Emile Gsell; albumen photographs (Size ca. 17*22cm)
New Zealand, Early Photographs
New Zealand - South island. Album with 18 historic professional photographs of the Otago district - Queenstown - Skippers Canon/Road - Shotover River - Paradise Valley. (ca. 1900-1910, size of the Photographs 15*20cm. Please contact me, if you know more about the photographer) The album contains 4 historic photographs of Madeira.
New Zealand
Egypt, Greece, Turkey, Early Photographs
Photographers: Pascal Sebah, Dimitrios Constantin and others. Large photographs (Size ca. 27*35cm, 10,5*13,5")
Egypt, Greece, Turkey Egypt, Greece, Turkey

Early Photographs Egypt by Jean Pascal Sebah, Henri Béchard, Bonfils
Album Egypt, photographers Sebah(12), Béchard(28), Bonfils, Fiorillo - mainly very large photographs ca. 27*37cm, 11*14 inches.
Egypte Egypte
Photochrome photographs western mediterranean countries and Switzerland.

Photoglob AG, Zurich;
Photochrom Zurich - P.Z.
photographs from travelling around the western mediterranean countries and Switzerland.
Photochrome photographs Germany, Switzerland, Scandinavian countries.

Photoglob AG, Zurich;
Photochrom Zurich - P.Z.
photographs from travelling northern Europe
Marseille Marseille
Photochrome Photographs Palestine and Egypt

Photoglob AG, Zurich;
Photochrom Zurich - P.Z.
Orell Füsseli & Co.
South Africa
Tlemcen, Biskra, Early Photographs
Mostly gelatin-silver Photographs(Size ca. 20*26cm, 8*10") by Neurdein, Lehnert & Landrock, Soler

North Africa Northth Africa
Algeria, Tunesia, Early Photographs
Albumen Photographs(Size ca. 20*26cm, 8*10")

North Africa Northth Africa
Lehnert & Landrock
album of a cruise through the mediterranean sea in 1909; Italy, Monacco, Nice, Corsica, Sardinea, Sicily, Tunesia, Malta; 50 silver gelatine photographs

North Africa Northth Africa
Malta, Early Photographs 19th century
Albumen Photographs,
Photographer: (Horatio) H. Agius. (Size ca. 19,5*26cm) Malta Malta
South Africa, Transvaal, Early Photographs
Photographers: Plumbe & Bradshaw. (Size ca. 15*20cm, 6*8") South Africa South Africa
Argentina, Early Photographs
Buenos Aires and surroundings; Photographers: Samuel Boote, Fritz Büsch
Argentina Argentina

Chile, Early Photographs
Chile, Santiago de Chile. Photographer: Obder W. Heffer Bisset; albumen photographs
Uruguay, Early Photographs
Montevideo and surroundings. Photographer: Luis Pastorino
ROM Aquaedukt
Venezuela, Early Photographs
Venezuela, Caracas. Photographers: F.C.Lessmann, E.Schael
ROM Aquaedukt
West Indies, Early Photographs
Albumen photographs of old travel albums, Caribbean Islands. Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, Gouadeloupe, Martinique, Barbados
Karibik Karibik

Martinique, Early Photographs
West Indies, Martinique - 16 photographs of the rum plantation St. James in 1890, 12 years before the eruption of mount Pelée in 1902. Photographers M.Depaz and M. le Capitaine Moreau. Size of the album 24*33cm - photographs 15,5*19,5cm. Vues photographiques prises sur le territoire de Saint-James, Antilles - Plantations St. James
Karibik Karibik

Spain, Catalunya, Early Photographs
Barcelona; Photographer: E. Bressanini
Barcelona Barcelona

Spain, Andalucía, Early Photographs
Granada - Alhambra; Photographer: Abelardo Linares
Granada Granada

Platinum Print Photographs by G.K. Ballance
Switzerland, - 20 platinum prints signed in the back.
Ballance Ballance

Bau des Walchenseekraftwerks in Bayern
Das Album Walchenseekraftwerk enthält Fotografien zur Dokumentation während der Bauzeit in den Jahren 1919-24. Das Walchenseewerk wurde unter Leitung Oskar von Millers erbaut. Es ist mit einer Leistung von 124 MW bis heute eines der größten Hochdruck-Speicherkraftwerke in Deutschland.
Ballance Ballance

ITALY, Early Photographs

Crupi, Giovanni
Taormina, Sicily

Crupi Crupi
Lint, Enrico van
Album 12 Views of Pisa ca. 1880

Moscioni Moscioni
Moscioni, Romualdo
Album 36 Views of Rome, ca. 1890

Moscioni Moscioni
Giovanni Battista (G.B.) Brusa
Venice (Album 20 Views, Size 20*25cm)

Moscioni Moscioni
Giovanni Jankovich
Venice (Album 20 Views, Size 12,5*18cm)

Moscioni Moscioni
Eugenio Testolini
Album ca. 1870. Size: 28,5*38cm, 12 albumen photographs:18*23cm. This is an album with the original binding by the editor. Signed on the cover with the editors label

Noack, Alfredo
Genova (Genoa, Genua)

noack noack
Alfredo Noack, Camposanto
Genova (Genoa, Genua), Cimitero Staglieno

Giorgio Sommer
Sommer, Giorgio
Single mounted photographs

Giorgio Sommer Giorgio Sommer
Sommer, Giorgio
Napoli - (Album 24 Views, Size 20*25cm)

Giorgio Sommer
Sommer, Giorgio
Pompei - (Album ca. 50 Views, Size 10*14,5cm)

Giorgio Sommer
Sommer, Giorgio
Stereo views

Giorgio Sommer
Sommer, Giorgio
Bronze Statues and Catalog of the foundry: Fonderia Artistica Giorgio Sommer & Figlio - Napoli

Rive, Roberto
Pompei (Album 48 Views, Size 10*14,5cm)

Italy, Complete Albums, mixed photographers:
Album Rom Album Rom
Views of Rome, Places and art works(ca 100 albumen photographs) (Album for sale. Euro 600 e-mail:
Photographers: unknown

Album Rom Album Rom
Views of Italy, Rome, Napels, Capri (62 albumen photographs)
Photographers: Anderson, Giorgio Sommer and others

Album Rom Album Rom
Views of Rome(92 albumen photographs)
Photographers: Anderson, and others

Architectural details of monuments:
The following four albums contain photographs of monuments but above all architectural details. Photographers/Editors: More than 90% Alinari, rest: Brogi, Naya, unknown
Album Rom
Volume 1:
Florence, Siena, Venice, Perugia, Padua, Rome, Napels
(Doors, fountains, frescos, interiors, iron work, monuments)

Album Rom
Volume 2:
Florence FIRENZE-Basilica di S.Miniato al Monte, Chiesa di S.Leonardo, Batistero, Chiesa di S. Croce, Palazzo Vecchio, Chiesa di S. M. Novella
Album Rom
Volume 3:
FIRENZE - SS. Annunziata, Ospedale degli Innocenti, R. Museo Nazionale; PISTOIA - Ospedale del Ceppo
Album Rom
Volume 4:
FIRENZE - Lamps, iron and bronze works