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Britisch Vorder-Indien. Album 35*45cm(Photos ca 20*28cm) der Reise zweier deutscher im Jahre 1887 durch British India.

() Steamer Point bei Aden(heute Jemen)

() Steamer Point bei Aden(heute Jemen)

() Panorama Steamer Point bei Aden(heute Jemen)

() Madura (Madurai)

() Madura (Madurai, Meenachi Temple and the Great Gopuram)

() Madura - Im Inneren des Tempels. Der goldene Lilien Teich (Madurai. The Great Pagoda, Mootoo Alaghur and East Gopurum from Tank)

() Madura - Ein Gang im Tempel (Madurai, Sri Meenakshi Temple, Corridor behind inner sanctum)

() Madura - Trimal des Naiks Teich (Madurai, Madura, India - Jeppa Tank.)

() Madura - Hof im alten Palast des Raja (Madurai)

() Trichinopolis - Das Fort auf dem Felsen(Trichinopoly)

() Trichinopolis - Das Fort auf dem Felsen(Trichinopoly) The Fort of Trichinopoly (now Tiruchirapalli) lies on the sacred Cauvery River in southern India. The fort stands on and around a granite rock, 273 feet high, which is crowned by a temple to the elephant-headed god Ganesh who brings joy and happiness to the family. The striped wall reflected in the water is a masonry tank, which was built in the seventeenth century.

() Seringham beiTrichinopolis - (Seringham near Trichinopoly, Srirangam)

() Seringham beiTrichinopolis - (Seringham near Trichinopoly, Srirangam)

() Seringham beiTrichinopolis - Der Pferdehof im Inneren des Tempels(Seringham near Trichinopoly, Srirangam)

() Seringham beiTrichinopolis - (Seringham near Trichinopoly, Srirangam)

() Tanjore

() Tanjore - Der heilige Bulle

() Tanjore - Der Palast des Raja

() Tamils

()Madras - Panorama - Chennai

()Madras - Panorama - Chennai

()Madras - Panorama - Chennai

()Madras - Panorama - Chennai

()Madras - Panorama - Chennai

()Madras - Panorama - Chennai


()Madras - Pajode (Pagoda near Madras) - Chennai

()Madras - Chennai

()Madras - Chennai

()Madras - Chennai

() Bombay - Ansicht vom Malabar Hügel aus (Bombay, from Malabar Hill) - Mumbai

()Bombay - Der Bhendy Bazar - Mumbai

(signed: Calbadevie Road - Bombay)Bombay - Calbadevie road - Mumbai

(signed: Crawford market - Bombay) Bombay - Crawford Markthallen - Mumbai

() Bombay - Rampart Row - Mumbai

() Bombay - Der Hafen (Port of Bombay) - Mumbai

() Bombay - Der Yacht Club (The Royal Bombay Yacht Club, which barred Indians from entering, even if they happened to be Maharajas.) - Mumbai

() Bombay - Malabar Hügel (Bombay - Malabar Hill) - Mumbai

() Bombay - Cumballa Hügel (Bombay - Cumballa Hill) - Mumbai

() Bombay - Bestattungs Platz der Parsi's (Mumbai, Parsees. In this Tower of Silence in Bombay the bodies of the dead are exposed to be eaten by vultures.)

() Elefanta Höhlen bei Bombay - Der Eingang (Elephanta Caves, Near Mumbai)

() Elefanta Höhlen bei Bombay - Shiva in seiner doppelten Gestalt (Elephanta Caves, Near Mumbai)

() Elefanta Höhlen (Elephanta Caves, Near Mumbai)

() Elefanta Höhlen - Vischnu, Brama, Schiva(Elephanta Caves, Near Mumbai)

() Bombay - Maharattas (MAHRATTAS, ancient name of Maharashtra. A Hindoo Tribe) - Mumbai

() Bombay Parsi Frauen (Parsee ladies - The Parsees: The Parsees are the Followers of one of the world’s oldest religions, and belong to one of the world’s oldest civilisations. Founded by Zoroaster, the religion dates from around 1000 BC. The Parsees were the original inhabitants of Ancient Persia, which is now modern day Iran. In 936,a group of Zoroastrians immigrated to India to escape religious persecution. Today, these Zoroastrians are known as Parsees. Though the Parsees assimilated into their country of adoption, they retained their distinctiveness, their unique culture, religion, and way of life.) - Mumbai

() Bombay - Parsi (Parsee) - Mumbai

(signed: Bourne & Shepherd - 2240) Ahmedabad Schah Alum's Mausoleum

() Ahmedabad Schah Alum's Moschee (Shah Alam Dargah)

(not signed: Samuel Bourne #2235) Ahmedabad Huthi Sing's Grab (Hathee Sing - Ahmedabad)

() Jeypore (Jaipur)

(signed: Bourne & Shepherd) Jeypore Der neue Palast (Indur Mahal) (Jaipur - View of the seven-storied Chandra Mahal, taken looking across the Mughal-style garden to the north of the building.)

() Jeypore Die Gärten des neuen Palasts (Indur Mahal) (Jaipur - View of the gardens of Chandra Mahal)

(signed: Bourne & Shepherd-(dedicated to Collin Murray. see:

(signed: Bourne & Shepherd) Jeypore - Der Windpalast , (Jaipur, Wind Palace)

(signed: B&S - Bourne & Shepherd) Amber bei Jeypore - Die alte Stadt (Jaipur, Amber)

(signed: Bourne & Shepherd - 2312) Amber - Der Palast (Jaipur, Amber - Palace)

(not signed: Bourne and Shepherd) Amber - Eingang zum Palast (Jaipur, Amber - Entry of the Palace)

(signed: Bourne & Shepherd)Amber - Saal im Palast (Jaipur, Amber - Hall in the Palace)

(signed: 1356?) Delhi - Die Hauptstrasse (Choudney Chouk) - (Delhi - Chandni Chowk)

(signed: 1354) Delhi - Die Moschee (Jumma Musjid) (Jumma Musjid, India's greatest mosque, Delhi)

() Delhi - Das Fort mit dem Lahore Thor (Delhi - Red Fort Lahore Gate)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1360) () Delhi - Das alte Fort - Purana Kila (Delhi - Purana Qila)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1363) Delhi - Ruinen und Gräber des alten Dheli(Delhi - Ruins old Delhi)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1359) Delhi - Steinsäule des Feroza Schah(Delhi - Ashoka's Pillar, Feroz Shah Kotla)

() Delhi - Mausoleum des Safdar Jung (Delhi - Safdar Jung Tomb)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1366) Delhi - Inneres der Chausat Kumba

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1364) Delhi - Grab des Nizam-ud-Din-Aulia (Nizam-Ud-Din Shrine, Delhi)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1362) Delhi - Mausoleum des Kaisers Humayun (Delhi Humayun's tomb)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne ????) Delhi - Kutub (Delhi, Kutub Qutb Minar)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1372) Delhi - Überreste eines Hindu Tempels bei Kutub (Delhi, Hindu temple near Kutub Qutb )

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1377) Delhi - Die eiserne Säule bei Kutub (Delhi, Great Arch and Iron Pillar, Kutub Minar )

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne ?425) Lahore - Das Fort (The Fort, Lahore)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne ????) Lahore - Jehanger's Grab in den Schadra Gärten (Jehanger's Tomb, Shadra Gardens, Lahore)

() Umritsur - Der goldene Tempel (The Hari Mandir or

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1219) Agra - Das Fort mit dem Delhi Thor (The Delhi Gate, Fort, Agra)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1227) Agra - Die Perl Moschee (The Pearl Mosque, Agra)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1230) Agra - (Secundra) - Mausoleum des Kaisers Akbar (Akbar's Tomb Sikandra)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1252) Agra - (Secundra) - Sarkophag auf dem obersten Stockwerk des Mausoleums Kaiser Akbar's (Akbar's Tomb Sikandra)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1232) Agra - Mausoleum des Itiimad ud Daulah

() Agra - Eingang zu den Gärten der Taj Mehal (Taj Mahal, Agra)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1075) Agra - Taj Mehal (Taj Mahal, Agra)

() Agra - Taj Mehal (Taj Mahal, Agra)

([Samuel] Bourne 1080, see: S. Bourne sieben Jahre Indien, Page 161) Agra - Taj Mehal (Taj Mahal, Agra)

(signed: 1231) (see: S. Bourne sieben Jahre Indien, Page 160) Agra - Im Inneren derTaj Mehal (Taj Mahal, Agra)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1272) Fattehpur Sikri bei Agra (Fattehpore Sikree, Fatehpur Sikri)

() Fattehpur Sikri bei Agra Die Moschee auf der Westseite(Fattehpore Sikree, Fatehpur Sikri)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1264. A.) Fattehpur Sikri - Der grosse Thorweg. Ansicht vom Thal (Fattehpore Sikree, Fatehpur Sikri)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1261) Fattehpur Sikri - Der innere Hof mit dem Grab von Scheik Selim Chisti (Fattehpore Sikree, Fatehpur Sikri)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1265) Fattehpur Sikri - Das Grab des Scheik Selim Chisti (Fattehpore Sikree, Fatehpur Sikri)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1028) Lucknow Ruine des während des Aufstands zerstörten Präsidentschafts Gebäudes (The Ruins of the Residency, Lucknow)

(signed: B?? 10??) Lucknow Kaiser Pasund

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1036) Lucknow Kaiser Bagh

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1047) Lucknow La Martinière

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1147) Lucknow Huseinabad Imambara

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1059) Lucknow - Die grosse Imambara und Moschee

() Allahabad - Gärten des Sultans Kusru (Garden of Sultan Chusero near Allahabad)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1165) Benares

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1169) Benares - Das Verbrennungs Thor (Ghat) (Funeral Ghat Benares)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1172) Benares - Der goldene Tempel

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne & Shepherd 2481) Calcutta

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1716) Calcutta

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1710) Calcutta - Eden Garten mit birmanischer Pagode (The Pagoda, Eden Gardens, Calcutta)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1748) Calcutta - Botanischer Garten, Der grosse Feigenbaum (Ficus bengalensis) (botanical gardens)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1730) Dorf bei Calcutta (A village scene in Bengal from 'Views of Calcutta and Barrackpore' was taken in the 1860s by Samuel Bourne. Pictured is a village's market consisting of thatched roof huts and a cart pulled by cows.)

() Eisenbahn nach Darjeeling (Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, World Heritage Site status in 1999)

() Eisenbahn nach Darjeeling (leegallery.com :SAMUEL BOURNE 'On the Darjeeling Railway, Nepal' ca. 1860's, albumen print, ca. 1860s, World Heritage Site status in 1999)

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1882) Darjeeling

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1880) Darjeeling

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1899) Darjeeling

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1893) Darjeeling

(signed: [Samuel] Bourne 1903) Bhooteas (Darjeeling)

Auf dem Tiger Hügel 9600' 19 April 1887 - Bei der Rohr Brücke 20. April 1887- Runjeet Fluss an der Grenze Sikkims